Road & Sewer Adoptions

The successful transfer of ownership of a newly developed road or drainage system to the appropriate authority is an integral element in achieving practical completion on any project. The fulfilment of this task, to the standards laid down by the Highway Authorities and statutory water companies, has become part and parcel of the service provided by Construction Limited to its clients. This service has included the production and implementation of Traffic Management systems which ensure third Party safety whilst the required operation is being carried out.

Through continuous and proactive communication and liaison with the associated authority or statutory undertaker, Constructicon will ensure that all documentation and work undertaken from pre-construction to post construction is complete within the required timeframe ensuring that the responsibility for the highway is transferred seamlessly with all inferred rights and that any bond or surety that is in place is released to the client at the earliest possible opportunity thus improving cashflow and reducing or removing in full, all liability of the infrastructure.

SECTION 38, 184 & 278 (1980 HIGHWAYS ACT)

On many projects, the first task required to be undertaken is the construction of a new entrance to the site thus altering the layout of a current highway or footpath, which is frequently followed by the construction of a new road later on in the project. This work often requires an agreement with the “Secretary of State for Transport” or the “local council authority” in line with section 38, 184 or 278 of the 1980 Highways Act. These agreements are also required for the permanent alteration to the highway including the creation of a new road. Documentation relating to these agreements will highlight the following tasks, which can all be undertaken by Constructicon Ltd if required  ;

•  Site Clearance including items to be removed  • Drainage works including alterations to existing and new pipe runs which are to be adopted • Earthworks including embankment/cutting construction and  verge treatments • Installation of new carriageway and footway construction details indicating areas of different types of construction, areas of planing/inlay/overlay and reconstruction • construction detail at interface of existing and new works, trench reinstatements • Kerbing, edging and channel requirements • Traffic signs positions and road markings; including schedules of new traffic signs and road markings • Landscaping proposals • Temporary traffic management measures, road closures and diversion routes

Birchfield Road – New School Entrance, Bust stop realignment, resurfacing of Road & crossing improvement – Halton Borough

SECTION 104 & 106 (Water Industry Act)

The connection of surface and foul water drainage for a new development to an existing system in line with section 104 and 106 of the Water Industry Act is a standard protocol which must be strategically planned and performed on most construction sites. After over 8 years in completing this task proficiently , Constructicon Ltd are now well equipped and have the knowledge, experience and competence to complete the new connection beit located within a busy highway or within a greenfield site.

To date, Construction have completed well over 80 connections have been successfully made with the range of work undertaken including the installation of a 7metre cast iron dropshaft within an existing 3000 diameter manhole (Westhoughton Cricket Club) and a installation of a new 1800mm diameter manhole on an existing drain line located below the level of the water table and consequently requiring well pointing. Our capabilities and hardwork have also been put to the test with the requirement to hand dig a 3 metre deep and 18 metre long  trench into an existing highway to avoid no less than 17 existing services  (Bradley Youth Hub).

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