Installing underground drainage can be a complex procedure, however Constructicon Ltd have installed every type of drainage material available on the market including vitrified clay, uPVC, concrete and iron. This drainage has ranged in size from 100mm to 2400mm in diameter with installations being carried out on every type of development ranging from football pitches to high rise apartment blocks within city centres. No risks have ever or will ever be taken when carrying out the specified drainage installation as the appropriate type of earthwork support will always be provided when completing the required work, in addition to fully confined space trained operatives being supplied to carry out the task.  Utilsing Special Pricing Arrangements (SPA’s) with all major suppliers, we endeavour in providing the most commercial solution to any drainage system.

Constructicon are 100% behind the Environment Agency’s policy of encouraging the appropriate use of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) on all new developments and fitting SUDS to existing drainage systems that have a negative impact on the environment. To help promote the good practice we have ensured that the capabilities of our workforce has evolved and that each member of our installation team possess the experience and skill required in installing the required sustainable drainage system as desired by the material manufacturers, on both new build and retrofitting projects.

Constructicon have the necessary experience in working with the entire range of Sustainable Drainage Systems including ;

– Systems which filter out pollutants (ie Grease Traps, Oil Separators).
– Systems which store the rainwater runoff & release it slowly (ie Attenuation tanks, Filter Drains)
– Systems which allow the water to soak into the ground (ie Permeable paving, Soakaways).

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