Constructicon welcomes the opportunity to tender on all construction related projects. Our estimating team can submit fully comprehensive quotations based on architects or engineers drawings, specification, specification and drawings, described schedule of rates or from bills of quantities. If required, our Quantity Surveyors can complete fully itemised take-offs in line with the Standard Method of Measurement 7 (SMM7) or Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement 3 (CESSM3) in addition to supplying full substantiation for any rate submitted by Constructicon Ltd.

We can offer prices based on labour and plant or labour, plant and materials in addition to flexible payment options dependent upon the main Form of Contract utilised on the project. These payment options can range from fortnightly valuations, monthly valuations or milestone payments in addition to simply reflecting the payment conditions stated within the Main Form of Contract. Constructicon can also offer a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP – Please note any design changes which results from the specific instructions of the client would understandably fall outside the guaranteed price) for any project, if required by the client.

Supply Chain

We believe that by working in a collaborative way with companies that we ‘buy from’ that it is not only good for business, but that it also assists us in achieving our core principle of exceeding our client’s expectations. By completing work this way we have seen great benefits for not only ourselves, but also our client’s. We believe that by utilising modern procurement techniques that our suppliers and Constructicon can work together and strive for the long-term objective to deliver added value to the client.

We are seeking partners capable of reliably supplying us with the right product at the right time at the right place at the right cost. Success in this relationship will deliver mutual commercial benefits through greater success in the market, based on increasingly satisfied clients whilst reducing waste in all its forms including financial and material waste on site. All chosen parties in the supply chain must be committed to working for the long term on the basis of continuous improvement and innovation.

The Environment & Climate Change

Understanding and managing our impact on the climate presents both risks and opportunities to our business. We have chosen to respond positively to climate change and have discovered that it has been the correct choice. It has offered Constructicon significant prospects for improving efficiency and profitability through emission reduction strategies as well as trying to work innovatively that keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Constructicon appreciates that it is vital to the business to engage all employees and suppliers in our commitment to improving our environmental credentials. We prioritise carbon offsetting as a company and endeavour to halve our carbon footprint year on year demonstrating continual improvement on Constructicon’s impact on the environment

Memberships & Accreditations